Casey & Natalie

Our Mission

We believe everyone has the capacity for unique creativity: the ability to imagine, conceptualize, & integrate an intimate piece of themselves into a work of art. To us, events are the canvas – a vast blank slate with which one’s unique creativity fills. Our mission is to ignite your creativity and bring your vision to life in the form of an exceptional, one of a kind event.

who we are

We aren’t biological sisters, but we might as well be. Casey and I have been BFFs since sophomore year of high school (many, many moons ago) when we found out we both liked the crust on bread and our birthdays were (almost literally) a day apart. From that sleepover onward, we have been by one another’s side on this roller coaster called life and much of who we are nowadays is thanks to one another.

Our life in the event industry began in 2013, before we even knew we had a passion for coordinating and designing events. The beauty company I worked for was in need of someone to manage their corporate meetings and special events in Florida. Once I got a whiff of this organization-focused, exciting industry, I was hooked. Shortly thereafter, I was put in charge of all special events in their southeast territory which included 4 other states, as well as all advanced education classes and workshops in FL. During the same time, Casey was building and maintaining her own handpicked vintage clothing and accessory business, where her love for design and aesthetic really began to flourish. She has also taken her love for vintage to the silver screen as the Wardrobe Director of the award winning indie film, Burning Kentucky.

When we were presented with the opportunity to design and coordinate our first wedding in 2017, we knew it was time to combine our powers. With my overly organized brain and Casey’s impeccable eye for design, “The Juniper Sisters” was officially created!

Aside from throwing you an epic shindig, our two most important values are inclusion and environmentally conscious actions. We love love - period. No matter who you love, what you worship or don’t, where you’re from, or any other aspect of your identity, you belong here. We’re all on this planet together, and it’s the only one we have. Events can leave a hefty impact on the environment, but we make sure you are aware of environmentally friendly alternatives and the financial and eco benefits they hold.


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