Bethany + Spencer - Malibu California Wedding

Kentucky wedding planners venture to Malibu California for an absolute dream wedding…and snakes!

As wedding coordinators and designers, it’s important for us to have the ability to conceptualize all different styles and moods, even if they aren’t our own personal preference. Why? Because everyone has their own style and identity. Our market share would be severely limited if we only stuck with styles we were totally in line with. But sometimes, you get that one bride that is an aesthetic soul sister. One that amazes you with a continuous flow of like minded decor and styling ideas. One that paints a picture of their dream wedding day, only for you to realize, “Omg, I’m in love with that, too!”

Bethany was that bride. From her moody jewel toned color palette, to the raw gems, to the exotic floral, to the alpaca we joyfully coordinated. Every last detail spoke to our souls on a personal level, and it was an absolute honor to assist her.

If you’ve never been to Malibu, California, go. Go now. You feel like you are in a different world out there (at least us Kentucky girls do). I immediately knew I was in for a treat when my Lyft driver took me up a winding mountainous road to get to the bridal party Airbnb that was perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the Pacific. I stared in awe at the beautiful display of exotic floral that grew casually on the side of the highway. Florals that us east coast kids pay premium prices for.

During our first day at the Airbnb, the wedding party, Casey, and I were sitting around the pool waiting for other people to arrive. Chatting and relaxing, I decided to perch on the ground behind an umbrella, out of the sun (ginger for life). As we were all talking, I heard a faint rustle of dirt and leaves next to me, and looked for whatever the source of the sound was, to no avail. At that moment, I thought in my head, “Wouldn’t it be some shit if that were a rattlesnake? My dad always warned me about them out here.”

We continued on with our conversation and eventually the wedding photographer, Brandi Potter, decided it was time for her to join me in the shade. As she was mid-step, she stopped dead and shrieked, “THAT’S A RATTLESNAKE!” before leaping backwards, out of harm’s way. I am not kidding you, this baby rattlesnake was so close to me that I could’ve reached over and gave it a little pat before it bit and injected me with enough venom to kill me several times (baby venomous snakes don’t know when enough is enough, so they just give it their all when they bite).

And I loved every scale on that sweet little creature. Yep. That’s me. I adore every creature, harmless or not, and so should you.

Anyways, Bethany’s husband-to-be heroically and humanely lifted the little dude out of the pool area into the brush using a very, very long stick. Afterwards, both us and the baby snek went about our days as if nothing happened. However, this experience set the tone for the rest of the wedding weekend – a thrilling and almost surreal one.

Photography by the illustrious Brandi Potter Photography