Esti + Ryan - Red River Gorge Wedding

Sweet wedding planning and design in Red River Gorge

The first word that comes to mind when I reflect upon our experience in designing and coordinating Esti & Ryan’s special day, is undoubtedly and consistently, “sweet”. Every use of that word applies. The color palette Esti chose. The little details we collaborated on. The fabulous vendors we worked with. The love Esti & Ryan shared. And Esti herself were all, put plainly, sweet.

Esti was, hands down, the sweetest bride throughout the entire process, including the day of. She has a knack for organization herself, so she was always on top of her to-dos. On the day of, we didn’t see her without a big smile on her face, not once. The difference between brides who hire coordinators and brides who don’t is night and day. Esti got to drink champagne and relax while getting a massage from her amazing hair and make-up artist, and only ever entered the wedding spaces to briefly check on our progress. She really set the bar for what a bride should experience on her most magical of days, and we are full of gratitude for being able to support that. 

But we couldn’t have done any of it without the other amazing vendors. From the venue down to the DJ, everyone that played a part in this day was absolutely phenomenal. A very special thank you to Dana Rogers Photography for being a total badass behind the lens, and graciously providing us with shots of our work in addition to priceless memories for Esti and Ryan. A shout out to Minton’s Catering owner and operator, Ashley Minton, and her team for working so hard to provide delicious food for a large guest list, and creating one of the most beautiful and Pinterest worthy naked cakes out there! And last but not least, THANK YOU Cliffview Resort for existing – which would be enough, even if your team wasn’t absolutely amazing and capable of accomplishing anything. You truly represent the beauty that is Red River Gorge.