Spring Photography Workshop in Red River Gorge

We are so humbled by the support and love we received this March while designing a styled shoot for a photography workshop in the Red River Gorge, hosted by the talented Brandi Potter Photography. We received an outpouring of compliments during and after the design, and we are truly swimming in the love.

Even though my life in the event industry began in education, it has been quite some time since I had the opportunity to put something together that helped people learn and grow. I am a true believer in the ideal that, “learning never ends”. Whether you are new to the game, or a seasoned professional, there is no shame in honing your skills or getting back to the basics. That goes for us, too! This workshop helped us learn a few valuable lessons, as well. Like, how much we are absolutely in LOVE with floral design, and why packing aspirin or ibuprofen is a MUST at any event, big or small! 

As for the workshop itself, the energy was palpable. Everyone supported one another. They asked questions and helped one another achieve some really badass shots. We busted our butts making that set beautiful, but it paid off ten fold by the end of the night when we looked around at everyone uploading and editing their photos, and could see the joy and sense of accomplishment in their faces. It truly was a beautiful set, and a wonderful experience. 

Also, we are pretty sure that the models we hired – whom had never met one another prior to that day – were a match made in heaven. There was not a lick of awkwardness, even from the get-go. Do I smell a new service to add to our “full service coordination” list (match making)? We sure can dream!

Thank you to all of the talented, kind, hard working photographers who participated in this workshop – and if you’re looking for an amazing photographer for your wedding or special event, we got you!